Drs dosyası açılmıyor

**D5 Render Version: 1.8.1
**Graphics Card: RTX 3070
**Driver Version:
**Issue Description:

I saved a simple file

such a folder has occurred

I clicked the drs file in the folder but it didn’t open

Then I tried to open the file with open button, but it didn’t go beyond 5%

**Screenshots/Videos Description:
**Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hello @Alparslan ,

We are currently troubleshooting this problem.
Could you please send me the following documents?

My email is hao.wang@d5techs.com
It would be great if you can help us :running_man:
Thank you!

Untitled.zip (3.0 MB)
this problem is not only in this file. This problem happens with every file that ı save.
thanks for your interest.

Folders (including .drs, asset, model, etc.) are very important for us to solve problems We will find out what is wrong with data saving.
My email is hao.wang@d5techs.com

Thank you very much! @Alparslan