Downloading material took so long v1.5

anyone pls help its been 15 minutes and my laptop is getting heated

i think v1.4 was faster than v.15 when downloading the materials

The internet very slow now all around the world.
Almost everyone at home computing, fb and instagram.
I suggest you try very early in the morning when many are sleeping.

but im not sure, btw i got 1 Mbps downloading through internet download manager …
any solution ? or maybe i can download the materials through d5 website

I have been asking about the library to give us better access though it’s fallen on deaf ears.
The library needs to be more user friendly.
I wish they would concentrate on developing their greatest asset the render engine.
To be honest the textures are very small because the texture repeats in small sections.
When I create textures I make them large so the repeat texture is not so obviously.
I have so many materials that I don’t bother to place them in the library because too cumbersome.

i got another problem sir. once it started downloading ( download icon changed into blue ) ,and suddenly the download stopped and the icon changed to grey again … sorry my english isnt quite good but i hope u understand, thankyou

i have the same problem with you, i think it’s because the region, the D5 server is from United States

agree … i want to try to use vpn later