DLL issue, I have tried everything

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: RTX 4080
Driver Version:
Issue Description: “Current GPU Driver and system version are incompatible. & " The program cannot be launched because of DLL errors in the system.”

Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional): any time I open d5

So far i have tried everything apart from actually deleting the partition on my SSD and reinstalling windows. but i have preformed a clean install, manually replaced the conflicting dll, updated drivers, downgraded drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled d5 on different paths, so far the same error still appears. Please help, as I have been dealing with this for the past 2 weeks and coincidentally the other computers at the office are having issues with D5 as well.

zziplog.zip (331.5 KB)
I have attached the logs for any tech savy user that can help.

Task manager showing 1.5ghz for your i9 14900K seems odd.

if anything its low right?

Sorry for your issue. We will check your log.

My 10900K sits around the rated 3.6ghz. It fluctuates to a little lower or higher. Using boost in BIOS is unstable for D5 Render so I shut that off. The 14900K’s base is 3.4ghz. Can you take a screen shot in Task Manager: Performance: CPU?

Thankyou it is urgent since for some reason we are having trouble with D5 in all of our computers.

Hello! Is it convenient for you to accept remote support? We can provide remote support on weekdays 10.00 am-18.00 pm HKT.

How can i get in contact with remote support ? at this point i have exhausted my options and it is urgent i get this fixed.

Hello! You can make an appointment with me directly.

Still looks a little low but maybe the CPU + Windows 11 throttles down to that level. Have you tried updating the BIOS?