Displacement bug from Sketchup model

Hello! I tried to work with displacement materials in D5 and its very hard for me. I use sketchup for modeling my models and using different methods of import model to D5 (both version of plugins and manually import skp file) I usually see this result:

There is no hidden geometry or any bugs in model, there is just a cube with cut components in it. This problems also appears on planes with no cut components.

I tried D5 displacement materials and my own materials with my displacement map or without, same result, broken straight lines in some wavy form.
In this model I fixed it somehow just with cut and then placed back components, but in complex model and without livesync it not possible. Next time I tried to place components on plain after material on it, no problems, but maybe I’m lucky this time.
Maybe I do something wrong idk, but I see this problem very often and I forced to use non-displacement materials just with normal map to bump it…

Hi @dr.aleksei1,

I suppose it’s a known issue to our team that dash lines, cutouts, etc. in modelling software can sometimes cause errors of displacement materials in D5. However, we will optimise it afterwards.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Thank you @Leah_Li for answer for my post
I dont find previous post on forum about this issue that’s why I created new one(
Waiting for fixing this in future version!

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