December sun

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When change only the month, the sun is turn off!!! :sunglasses:
Is this a known issue? :man_shrugging:t3:

Help please!!

Final renders:
September 21 - 12:00 hrs

December 21 - 12:00 hrs

Hello ivan,
I think this is because the latitude is set to 90, which means it is on the North Pole. From September 23 to March 21 of the following year, there is polar day at the South Pole and polar night at the North Pole (Night lasts 24 hours for a day).

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Oops! that sounds reasonable… but then, how do to correctly enter the data of the coordinates?



Hi ivan, sorry for the late reply. First, we need to convert the different units. 14°50′ equals 14.83°, so in D5, the latitude is 14.8.

About the longitude, I am not sure what “O” means in Spanish, you just need to know whether it is East or West, then enter 91.5 or -91.5.

For reference, please check this. Sky Light - User Manual (

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Thank you very much @Oliver.J

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