D5 Render Stoped importing SKetchup Models it keeps freezing at 0%.. i was working on file and everythins was fine but suddenly the import stoped.. i changed the files version in skp to earlier didnt work, i uninstalled the reinstalled d5 and still

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Issue Description: fail to import skp
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Please d5 team help in fixing this problem as i have a deadline to submit and this current issue im facing is hindering my work.

Hello Bassel, did you import the file into D5 Render then open it directly? To solve this problem, first I would suggest you make a copy of your current files as backup.

Then, please try syncing the file from SU to D5 Render using D5 Converter-SU.
Workflow | D5 Converter-SketchUp - Workflow / SketchUp - D5 RENDER FORUM

Second, if you open other files or scenes in D5 Render, can it work? Please close other software which consumes a lot of RAM, to make sure D5 Render can load that skp file.

At last, if the problem remains, could you please show us a screenshot of the problem? ( in which page it freezes at 0%)
Also, you can send the skp file to support@d5techs.com directly for testing and troubleshooting.

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