D5 render plugin doesnt work in ArchiCAD 21 CZE version

D5 render plugin doesnt work in archicad 21 CZ (czech) version. Its yellow in pluging list, with text that plugin is outdated and doesnt work in this version…

Many thanks Jiri

I saw this topic also, D5 team requested remote access to PC with AC21 - I have no issue with this - I use Anydesk or TeamViewer.

Many thanks Jiri


Thanks Jiri

Hello, what version of the plugin do you use? If not updated,
please reinstall the plugin here: Download | D5 Render
If the problem remains, please let me know and I will consult the plugin team too.

Hello Oliver,
many thanks for reply, I’ve tried several times to download and install, even on another PC but no success… still outdated plugin error in AC 21 CZE version

This is path in AC 21 CZE:

Many thanks Jiri

Hello Jiri, I consulted our plugin team, also I read articles from Archicad forum, and sorry to tell you that ArchiCAD21 CZE does not support our plugin. It seems that this version is not compatible with many plugins. :pensive: