D5 render crashes and cant get video output also d5 render works only on compatibility mode

**D5 Render Version:**Latest (
**Graphics Card:**Gigabyte RTX 4080 (16 GB)
**Driver Version:**
Issue Description:

My pc specs

processor : Intel i9-1400k

Ram : 64 gb DDR5 (6000 Mhz)

Gpu : Gigabyte RTX 4080 (16 Gb)

Windows Os 11 Pro

I am unable to use D5 render it Gives message of SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT ERROR at startup of D5 render

there is only one way from which im unable to access the Renderer is Enabling Windows Compatibility mode on Windows 7 and in which im unable to render video it stuck on 99% always and when sometimes it runs then it says unsupported video format and cant run video output.

i tried every method of clean installation of drivers.

changing ram frequency

downclocking cpu frequency

changing os

formatting windows

Hardware check

d5 forum solutions

Dxr repairment tool

but it didnt solve my issue anyhow

Please provide me some assistance to resolve the issue by remote access .

im attaching log files below.

Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you use 14900 CPU? There are some stability issues with this cpu at the moment. You can have a look at this article. Intel investigates reports of game crashes on 13th, 14th gen Core i9 processors - Times of India
You can also try updating your bios version, the newer versions seem to fix the problem somewhat. This post may also help. Does the CPU have a big impact on D5? | User Manual (d5render.com)

If the issue persists, let me know. :pray: