D5 Render Community Challenge x Intel | Blender Special

Blender-D5 Real-time Rendering Workflow


Intel Special Prize(×1)

1×Desktop Workstation:
Intel 13th Processor and RTX 4000 Series GPU
(estimated value: 5200 USD)

One-year D5 Pro Subscription

D5 New Year Gift

Opportunities for a special interview and promotion from Intel

1st Prize(×1)

1×Desktop PC Build:
Intel i9-13900K Processor, integrated GPU, 32GB RAM, and 1TB storage
(estimated value: 1500 USD)

One-year D5 Pro Subscription

Note: We will contact the winner to further negotiate on prize redemption and delivery.

2nd Prize(×2)

1×13th Intel Processor: i9-13900k (estimated value: 599 USD)

One-year D5 Pro Subscription

3rd Prize (×3)

1×13th Intel Processor: i7-13700KF (estimated value: 394 USD)

One-month D5 Pro Subscription

Community’s Choice Award (×3)

One-month D5 Pro Subscription

Additional bonus: stay tuned!


Submission: 2022.11.11 00:00 - 2023.1.8 23:59 (GMT+8)

Judging and voting: 2023.1.9 - 2023.1.15

Announcement of winners: 2023.1.16

Prize Delivery: Before 2023.2.16 (within one month after announcement)


  • There are no requirements for the style and theme of the entries.

  • Participants MUST use Blender for the modeling part of the major subjects in their entries.

  • Participants should use and only use D5 Render for the rendering part.

  • Submit a rendered video no shorter than 30 seconds with a minimum resolution of 1080P

How to submit

  1. Upload your entry video to YouTube following the rules stated below:
    Video title: [The title of your work]丨D5 Render x Blender Challenge
    Please include “Blender”, and “D5Render” in the description box.

  2. Copy the link of your YouTube video and paste it into a new post in Gallery section in D5 Forum, which should also include more than one still image rendering. Feel free to share with us how you created the scene and rendered it in D5.

Winners will be required to submit necessary proof to make sure they created the works by themselves. Failing to provide proof will lead to the removal of their works from the challenge.

Judging Criteria

For Jury’s Choice

  • Quality of the scene/models/materials

  • Knowledge/Techniques of using D5 Render

  • Concept of the work in relation to the theme of this Challenge

  • Animation and editing performance

For Community’s Choice

  • Community’s Choice Prize will be awarded based on your posts’ popularity on our official forum.

  • Popularity consists of the number of likes and comments below each post, and the top 3 posts with the greatest popularity, i.e., with the most likes and comments, will be awarded Community’s Choice Prize.

  • Welcome to share your works on other platforms or 3d related Facebook groups.

D5 Render Media Kit (in case you need)

D5_Media_Kit.zip (915.8 KB)


Participants must ensure the originality and integrity of their entries, and must not infringe any legal rights such as copyrights, patents, trademarks, portrait rights, and privacy rights of others.

Plagiarism and misappropriation of other people’s works are strictly prohibited. Entries must not violate relevant laws and regulations, and participants must guarantee that the copyright of entries is not transferred to others and that the entries are not commercialized or authorized for use by others.

By submitting your entry, you agree that D5 Render can share your works on the official website and other social media platforms.

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gonna learn blender to participate in this , i love competitions :smiley:


2022/12/19 Update

Dear Community:

As Christmas is approaching, we understand that many of you may be busy with holiday preparations and other end-of-year activities. Therefore, we have decided to extend the deadlines. The closing date for entry submission is now postponed until January 8, 2023, and the judging and voting process is postponed until January 15, 2023.

We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their holiday and not feel rushed or stressed about meeting the deadline.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. We hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday season.

Best regards,