[D5 Render Challenge] 3D "California Modernism"

Theme: 3D Interpretation of “California Modernism” by Cruschiform
Artist: Nicolas MILET x Cruschiform
Graphics Card: RTX 3090 FE
Workflow: Sketchup + D5 + PSD
Brief description of post-processing: Color adjustement
Whether the model is original: Original model inspired by cruschiform style
Model source:

Description of the work: This is a personnal interpretation of a Cruschiform illustration “California Modernism” in 3D. Hope you like this different style more cartoon than realiste ! If you like it : vote ! :smiley:


This style is unique. Good luck!


it`s fun - great idea :slight_smile:

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I like this different style!Excellent!


new style <3


Amazing style, how did you make surounding scenery?

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Really unique style :clap:t2::fire: did you create all these assets ?

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Thanks ! Yes, everything has modelised by myself :slight_smile:

that’s unique , nice work

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One of my favorite!

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Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

Everything is modelised by me with Sketchup :slight_smile:

this is amazing!! can you share the models of the vegetation?

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That’s really good. Did you have to make a lot of changes in Photoshop? How did you manage to make the plant look so “cartoony” ?