D5 pro account accident disconnected!

2 Days recently, my pro account always accident log out during video rendering and ruin the whole video with " D5 pro " watermark. Its happended to my friend too. Comeon d5 team, WE DONT PAID FOR THAT !! :rage:

Hi @junphuc17945,

We are extremely sorry for your situations.

Please tell us the version of your D5 Render and windows system. It was all working fine before? Just occurred suddenly? Have you updated system or D5?

This log-out issue is usually related to Network fluctuation. Your account permissions are checked before rendering begins to ensure that the material can be used properly, so ensure that the network is stable when rendering. Please also tell us your region.

Besides, please try to turn off VPN and Windows firewall, antivirus software temporarily if they are on. We would also like to know if you are using D5 in your office since there could be IP block in companies.

If none of these works, please let me know.