D5 Lights Change Direction When Reloading Model

**D5 Render Version:**Latest
Graphics Card: RTX 3090
Driver Version: Latest
Issue Description:
Sometimes, not always, when I reload a model, some of my uplights are flipped upside down. This is particularly frustrating because my model contains hundreds of lights I have to go through to re-change the orientation. They are supposed to be ISE 01 and when I reload my model, they change to IES 06.

This also happened to me in version 1.9

Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it?

Hello, what file format is the model is? Can you send me a sample file?
I think the direction changes because IES 01 and IES 06 have opposite directions, so we need to find why IES changes automatically.
It would be good if you could share with us a sample file, or record a video for us if you can repro this problem.

It seems to happen when I apply an emissive texture to glass. I have not found a solution, so I had to disable the emissive and rely only on IES lights