D5 is unusable for real projects. I'm really whipped!

D5 Render Version: 1.9 (latest version)
Graphics Card: RTX 2060
Driver Version: 471.41
**Issue Description:**I have decided to use this program for a very important project.
On Friday I do some renderings to show the project to the clients, they ask me for some small changes, I approve the project and today I had the final renderings delivered.
This morning I open the file and it is unusable.
All the 3D part modeled in sketchup has disappeared, or rather it has become transparent / invisible
Many objects placed in the scene (such as trees or cars) cause the same problems. They are invisible.
All this has caused me serious damage because I was unable to deliver and also I don’t know how to fix it! if I had to do it all over again I would lose at least another day of time, which I don’t have !!
It is really frustrating to use this software !!
Ambient occlusion maps that are unusable because they generate artifacts;
Still not figured out how to put the grass on a surface efficiently (the bucket command works 1 time out of 10)
As soon as you insert 2 trees or some grass the program starts losing fps and slows down the whole PC.
It was much more stable in beta versions than it is now!
I wanted to buy the full version, but it would be a waste of money because you can only use it for some internal scene, not too big or complex …
I am truly disappointed
Screenshots/Videos Description: This is a screenshot of problem

This is the last render before the program went crazy

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi antonio, very sorry for this situation, this is uncommon issue, and we would like to help you find the issue cause to recover the scene file and avoid this problem in future.

  1. please check whether some models are hidden, you could check their status on the model list.
  2. Did you save the scene file on a network place(NAS)? we do not support it yet.
    Or the file path is very long? Please try moving the scene file(the whole folder) to another place(a short path) then see the result. Please back up the scene file first.
  3. Is the hard-disc where you saved the file full? Please check it as well. If the disc is full, we may meet the same issue as you met.
  4. Did you change the name of the .drs file or something else? If yes, please recover its original file name then see the result.

If the problem remains, you could send the scene file to support@d5techs.com.
We have optimized our algorithm and tried out best to avoid this kind of problem, hope you could understand us and thank you for your patience as well.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem!


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Sorry, have you seen my last post? We really apologize and want to help you. Any updates will be appreciated.

Best regards,

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Hi, thanks for the replies.
I tried to follow your advice, unfortunately I have not solved.
To this day the problem still exists.
The file is on my PC desktop, the shortest path possible
I have not changed the name of the file and have never saved it to a NAS.
I often have problems when I use grass or vegetation, they put a lot of weight on the whole pc. It would be useful to have the ability to hide or show the grass using a special command.
I think the problem was due to this, the file was too heavy and has now been irreparably corrupted
I am attaching a screenshot with today’s date