D5 is closing all the time

Hi I have a problem happening all the time in the last week, the program closes by itself sometimes when I’m manipulating the scene, sometimes during the output. my video card is gtx1060, the drivers are updated, my d5 version is 1.6.2. some time this mensage apears

Hi there,

Did the message show up during editing or output?

Hi, during the output

It happened to me yesterday when I was working on d5. I updated the drives and now it works.

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Please try to right-click and choose Run with admin to start D5 Render, to see if the issue can be solved.

it happens to me too. not always

GTX 1070 + WIN 10

same problem with me-during modeling
RTX 2060 latest studio driver 456.38 released 9/17/2020
D5 pro 1.62.0269

also seems like D5 lost connection to assets /some of them loading again/

this never happened to me before, started yesterday and today

My issue wasnt solved

Hi there,

Are you using 4k monitor?

Hi jessie, seems like everything is solved by yorr new 1.7 update

D5 1.7 test now. See you later for news

@Jessie_Huang : 2 Monitor 2K

Test D5 1.7
Al ok. No problem.
:grinning: :grinning:

No good.

  1. Exporting video 1080p 10 sec -> OK
  2. Exporting video 1080p 20 sec -> Error

WIN 10 + GTX 1070 + D5 1.7


Please try to follow the steps below.

  1. right-click to run with admin
  2. Close D5 after entering the welcome page
  3. Restart your PC
  4. Start and use D5

OK. Test…

Ok Jessie.
Steps executed
Exporting video 1080p 20 sec -> OK


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