D5 Filling up Boot Drive - Way to Reassign Cache to Different SSD?

D5 Latest Release, Rhino Converter for Windows 10

RTX 3060 ti

NVIDIA Studio Driver 536.99

Booting a large file takes up remaining space in boot disk (C Drive) - D5 is installed in a separate drive with 600GB + remaining. Is there a way to reassign where the cache space is taken up?

At this point the file is no longer accepting any new textures - I can add and delete new assets and update from Rhino

Thank you!

We don’t support that now, Thank you for your feedback, it’s forwarded to the D5 Team. we will improve it in the future.

Generally, the temp files won’t be that big, can i ask how much space is left on the C drive, and how much of the C drive is taken up by opening D5?

After you create a new scene, save it to another location for a bit, otherwise the scene will only exist in the C drive temp directory. That scene file too, don’t put it on the C drive.