D5 EDU license reverted to Community after binding

I have applied to educational license and I get accepted after that I logged into D5 using my mail to bend it to my laptop and today I get an email that I haven’t binned my device !!

my mail is :Hussein.hamed@deltauniv.edu.eg

Thanks for feedback. I will check your account.

Hello, I checked your account. You did not successfully bind the device and therefore your educational licence has expired. You can apply for it again. Please note that you need to bind your device within 7 days.

What should I do to bind my device? I logged into D5 using the educational mail and it should be enough as far as I know!

Usually, logging in with your education licence email login in the D5 client will bind it. If you failed before, maybe try again.

I have filled the forum again I hope it will work this time

We will try our best to help you.