D5 Does not connect to the internet issue

D5 Render Version
Driver Version 497.29

Can’t connect to my account
Asset and Material library is empty
everything else works fine
I have no issues with my internet connection
D5 was working fine for the first 2 weeks before that
Also checked my firewalls, nothing looks out of the ordinary

Love your product hope to hear from you guys soon !

Screenshots/Videos Description

Hi, please see if you can login here D5 Render if you were using VPN, turn it off and have a try

hello! I can login to my account from the website, and I’m not using any Internet VPN

Hello, can you log in to D5 Render?

Please send me two folders that contain logs:

  1. A folder called logs, in the installation directory of D5 2.0
  2. A folder called Saved, in C:/Users/your account/AppData/local/d5_immerse

Also, please put this file into your D5 Render installation folder, follow the steps of README.txt, then send me logs:
D5NetWorkStats.zip (141.7 KB)

My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com