D5 deployment switch questions

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: RTX 2080
Driver Version: v512.15
Issue Description:
I’ve downloaded v2.2.0.0314.exe and I’m wanting to deploy it with PDQ Deploy to a couple of user stations for testing. I’m wanting the package to install silently without user interaction and alerting the user on the workstation. I’ve tried the /q, /quiet, /passive and /p and nothing seems to work.
Are there silent switches enabled for this package?
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Hello, sorry that our installer does not have silent installation yet, but we are going to add this feature. To help us better understand this, could you please let us know, in what scenario you need to use PDQ deploy and silent installation of D5 Render? You are deploying D5 Render for your company? and how is the scale?

You can send me private message directly if you want, thanks in advance.

We are looking to trial D5 for some of our renderings in a department of 6 machines. Instead of having to install D5 and it’s updates manually I would like to save time doing so with a D5 installer that allows passive and silent installs. This will not bother the user on the machine to interact with the prompts. Since the installs have to be done during downtime or maintenance windows it would be nice to have this feature to schedule the install/updates after hours. Also it would be nice to have the installer to be for all profiles on the machine, not just the one you install on. The installer acts a bit shady and installs under the user (without admin permissions) profile but requires admin perms to install the UE4 prereqs. If this can be added it would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok, thank you, I will record this.

Echoing @chrisc -

Please incorporate the following into your installer:

Passive install capability for installing completely silently.
Admin-level install for all users, outside of individual Windows user profiles.

I currently have our digital studio guys looking into your software and really liking it, but looking at how the software installs, it looks like a nightmare to manage in a large corporate infrastructure.

We’re running into the same issue with Lumion. They update their software multiple times a year, but the download is huge and they don’t have a silent installation, making it a huge time sink for our IT department to manage even their minor iterative updates. If you can get silent installation options working before Lumion does, many IT departments across the world will thank you.

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Hi All

I just came across this topic while searching the forum for information on this. Is there any update on when silent and all user installs might be available? I’m working with a school that would like to use d5 on number of school machines as part of lessons and as long as d5 remains a local appdata only install without the ability to script automatic installs that isn’t really going to be practical.