D5 crashing

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Graphics Card: RTX 3070 laptop
Driver Version:

Issue Description:
Hi I have a huge problem with D5 crashing every 5-10 minutes, and recently crashing immediately after loading a scene. That makes the software completely unusable.
The scene is a bit loaded with nature models since it’s a forest but all are taken from the assets. Previously before updating to 2.4.2 or even 2.4.1 I had no such issue with the exact same scene and same hardware so I assume that’s not the scene or hardware problem.
Also to make the workflow smoother I turn off layers with most of the models but didn’t gave to do that before the update.
How do I fix that?
Cheers and thanks,

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Can anyone help?
Latest update didn’t change anything.

HI mate, sorry for that, we also receive your ticket on Help Center, please use the support tool to send us a log file there. Also you can try 2.4.0 if that version works ok on your pc.