D5 crashes when rendering video

Hi everyone,

D5 is working fine with still images, but whenever I try to render a video, it starts the process and after a while the program crashes and posts the error message I’m attaching.

I don’t know if it’s due to he videocards I got: 2X Geforce GTX 1070 8GB, Nvidia’s latest studio driver 442.92

Is video an RTX-Only feature?



My PC: 1x GTX 1070. All OK

Thanks for replying Paperless.

Can you please tell me the size of your project folder? I’d like to know if it’s file size issue then. The project I’m trying to render is 1.05 GB, and it always crashes, no matter if it’s @720/HD/ or 2K resolution.


Hi there,

Please try:

  1. run as admin
  2. if still fails, please try creating a virtual ram in WinC
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Thank you Jessie, looking into that right now :grinning: