D5 crashes when adding materials to user library

After months without problems, D5 locked up when saving a material/ fbx model to the library. Taskmaster
was required to exit. On restart the problem persisted. Clicking on any of the material 3 choices (rename etc) just locked everything up again. Then on restart the assets toolbar showed up duplicated and maximised, covering the main window, and partly over my second screen. I have uninstalled, and now reinstalled 1.5.
The problem is now only occasional. After lock up, and taskmaster exit, everything resumes as normal.
Could this be connected to using a second monitor to accommodate the assets toolbar? Although I have used screen 2 before without any difficulties. Would installing the Studio driver be recommended? Hope you can help.

My spec. W10 Home 64 bit. AMD Ryzen 3600. RTX2060 Super. NVidia 445.87. 16GB Ram. D5 1.5

Derek Wood