D5 converter plugin issue with Admin account


GTX 1080:


D5 toolbar not showing up when opening Sketchup 2018 or 3ds Max 2017 normally. You have to run it as administrator. But this is not ideal cause all other plugins doesnt showup when you open the applications (Sketchup 2018/3ds Max 2017) this way. Is there any workaround or fix for this?

Our office computers are setup with administrator account.

Hi jer_009,

Sorry to hear that you ran into this problem. To confirm, the plugin shows up only when you run SU/Max as administrator?
In this case, please check the installation folder of SU/MAX, whether they are installed in a path that needs admin permission, like C:\Program Files, etc.
What’s more, you can reinstall the plugin by running the .exe file as admin.
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