D5 converter installation error in 3dmax2020 runscript

Same here using 3dsmax 2021

Please kindly follow the installation steps:


  1. Run 3Ds Max as Administrator
  2. On the top navigation bar of 3Ds Max, click ‘Scripting’-‘Run Script…’- select
    the installation package“D5Converter_xxx.mzp”
  3. After installation completed, please restart 3Ds Max so that it could load D5
    Converter correctly
  4. The D5 Converter will be found on the right of top navigation bar – Now, you

can choose ‘Export D5 Render File’ or ‘Export SketchUp File’

I followed the instructions as described, the error appears directly after running the script

Why can’t I install the D5 Converter for 3Ds Max 2021?

Close 3Ds Max, then run FirstRunForMax2021.exe to set the compatible environment value for D5 Converter.

That´s it, thank you.
This should be found in the installation steps, too.