D5 Converter Error 【 OpenCV(4.1.0) C:\Projects\opencv\

D5 Converter Error 【 OpenCV(4.1.0) C:\Projects\opencv!擷取|491x151

Hey intorner,

Could you share the source file of .max for debugging? Please archive it with all textures as a .zip file.



How can I share my max file?

please tell me ,thx

You could share the link with google drive.


Thank You

Hey intorner,

Please agree the access from my google account: jeremyliu1989@gmail.com

I have asked for access. Thanks.

OK,Thank You

We have found the issue, and will be fixed in next release. As the same time, many errror handling will be in that release so that the converter could be more strong.

Thanks for your feedback.

Thank You~