D5 asset library display problem

**D5 Render Version: 2.2 **
Graphics Card: RTX3060
NVIDIA studio driver version 512.59
D5 asset library not displaying correctly :
After a recent windows update my asset library is not showing correctly, it is not breaking the models down into their groups in the left hand side of the asset page, where it should list NATURE/CHARACTER/VEHICLES etc there is nothing. The models are all there in the right hand window, although when I search for DECALS nothing shows up. This was all working fine with version 2.2 yesterday. The only other change has been a new internet router. The internet is working fine however, with a Download speed of 94Mbps.
The MATERIAL assets show up in their separate groups of CERAMIC/FABRIC etc, the PARTICLES assets have the same problem as the MODELS and just appear all together without separate headings on the left.
Please help?

I also tried using the old internet router again, but this made no difference and the problem remained the same, the computer was restarted each time. I can only assume the windows update has caused some issues. Was thinking of trying to uninstall and then reinstall D5, but will I lose my local assets library if I do that?

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