D5 1.9 not show model when i has enscape in sketchup 2021

D5 Render Version: 1.9
Graphics Card: rtx 3060
sketchup 2021
D5 1.9
enscape 3.1

i use enscape in my work and i want to use D5
after i install D5 1.9 and test render it cannot show model in D5
i try to fix it by my own.
when i uninstall enscape D5 can show model
but if i reinstall enscape d5 will not show model

i want to use D5 and enscape both because
i must use enscape in my older project.
can find the way for me?

Hello sir, it seems a previous issue from a specific build of beta version of enscape, do you use ens3.1 preview? I think the official version of ens3.1 will not have this problem. If the problem remains, we will test and investigate this problem.

By the way, I need to confirm that you are using the D5-SU plugin, right?https://www.d5render.com/post/d5-converter-sketchup
D5 Render supports reading skp files directly, but skp2021 version is not included yet. We will support it soon, or you could save the skp file in skp2020/2019 format.

Any updates will be appreciated, thanks!

Best regards,

thank you for your answer sir.
d5 and d5-su plugin i install in last verion from website now.
maybe i will try to update enscape

Ok sir, any updates will be appreciated. If the problem remains after you update ens, we will help you solve this problem.

Hi Sagon
I just want to share. It should go. Sometimes I have both “Enscape 3.2 and D5,1.9” open at the same time. The earlier ES versions also worked. I’ve been working with Enscap since 2018. However, more and more we prefer to work with D5.

So a good decision for D5

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