Curtain Asset problem ->Resolved

D5 Render Version: 2.1
Graphics Card: rtx 3070
Driver Version: studio 5.11.09
Issue Description: curtain 06_closure half rendered
Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

I had modified the dimensions.
resetting the dimensions everything is ok

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Same problem i faced too. But what if I need to modified the dimension to suit the ceiling height. It seems to only happen at random.I had both curtain similar curtain dimension adjust, but only 1 got chopped off

from what I’m testing… if the height/width proportions remain the same there are no problems. If you change only the height you have the problem

Hello, please try again, this problem is resolved and we re-uploaded those curtain models. Now they will display normal no matter how we change their sizes.

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