Crash D5 e problema sincronizzazione con Plugin

D5 Render Version: 2.0
**Graphics Card:**RTX3070
Driver Version:
Issue Description:

When I try to synchronize the sketchup plugin to d5 I get suesta written that I attach. How to solve the problem? In addition sketchup forced me to save the drawings by changing the name, how do I in d5 synchronize the new name (for example Executive 6 to Executive 7)?? Thank you
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Open the DRS file which contains Executive 6 firstly, and then open the Executive 7.skp within SketchUp, click the start link from SketchUp.

D5 Render will popup a window that asks you want to ‘New’ or ‘Replace’, please click ‘Replace’, and choose the Executive 6.

Hello, about the SU plugin question, please check Jeremy’s reply above.
To solve the TDR setting problem, you could Run D5render as admin, then reboot your computer.

  1. run D5 as admin
  2. reboot your computer

If the problem remains, please let us know.

Meanwhile Thanks for the help, I followed the directions of Jeremy’s, now I find both models present in D5, Executive 6 and Executive 8, I see them overlapped, but if I leave active only Executive 6 is not complete but there are all the materials present, on the contrary if I turn off Executive 6 and leave activated only Executive 8 I do not see the materials the floors, while the models yes, trees and plants and furnishings. Greetings

Do you choose to replace the project Executive 6?

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YES I would like to replace executive 6 with executive 8, trying to keep all the elements and materials inserted in D5

Hello, open executive 8 in SketchUp and that scene file in D5 Render, then start sync. ( remember to back up your D5 scene files before doing this)
When this pop-up appears, click Replace then select executive 6
Then executive 6 should no longer exist in your scene. To keep the textures may not work, but we will optimize this in the future.