Corrupted static white noise screen Video render output

in my recent file, when I render animation, the output file is corrupted. when you open the video it’s like static white noise. to be fair you can see traces of actual render, but it’s unusable anyway. it did happen before with another file, but it was like 6-7 frames in a on 30 seconds animation. it’s very odd have this issue with my RTX 3070 TI setup and not with my RTX 3050 setup. lol.
I’m using windows 11 workstation version 22H2 , nvidia 546.17 game ready driver.

the render was vertical and 1920x1080. the 480p render does not have this problem. 720p may or may not have this problem.

I have tried:
turning off DLSS
reinstalling D5
updating/reverting nVidia Driver

Hello, sorry for this problem. Could you please send us your scene file and log to us? D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM This post shows how to collect logs.

Thank you, LunaLang, for your Response. I have uploaded the Log file here and you can also download the scene file here. I also uploaded the rendered video here and here you can watch the final result which was rendered in 720p and upscaled via AI, and edited in my style, because it looks cool and I want to show it to people lol.

btw, I have done a clean uninstall and reinstall of D5, to see maybe it helps, but it didn’t and since then I didn’t updated to 2.5.2. but I assure you the update is not the problem and I had the issue using the 2.5.2 version as well.

Thanks for your files. We will check them.

Hi, we have check your files. We notice that your computer has 8g of video memory, but when I open your file with a computer that has 12g of video memory, the memory usage is 8.2g. Therefore, your problem should be that the output fails due to insufficient video memory. You can confirm this.
If you still want to output 720p video, you can try to hide some of the more memory intensive assets in your scene.

Hi, I’m very thankful for you checking my file, but I’m afraid it’s not the case. you see, 3070ti is well above recommended spec for D5 render and this scene only have 17mil faces, and I easily rendered 2 minute 2k 60frame video out of a 60mil face scene, which the scene doesn’t even open anymore. also, as I have mentioned before, I have another setup with RTX 3050, also 8GB which I tested and managed to render the same scene with ease.

the thing is, at some point, something happened to my D5 render in my 3070ti setup, which caused D5 to fail. right now, it struggles to open files without crashing. and that is very scary, because it was working good before. I know I’m going to do a clean install of windows, but as I try to teach D5 in my region, I really need to know how to solve this without reinstalling windows, not everyone can do that over a night. specially when it happens with heavy projects on due date.

the first time the problem happened, as I said, it was simple exterior scene, and it only was less than 10 frame overall, the scene only had a small rhino file and the usual D5 street assets. it was surprising.

the first time D5 crashed, was when I downloaded a scene from D5 video youtube, where it teaches how to bring scene from 3dsmax to D5.

after that, I had problem installing Rhino 8 on my pc so as a solution I decided maybe D5 doesn’t let it to install, and I uninstalled it, and then reinstalled it. maybe that caused some registry problems.

right now, it struggles to open files, and rendering seems impossible.

I believe your graphics card is sufficient to support the use of D5.

Maybe you need to pay attention to the dedicated gpu memory.

as I mentioned before, I have rendered the scene via RTX 3050 8GB as well. so, dedicated GPU memory cannot be the problem.

Update: me reinstalling windows didn’t help. I have no Idea what else I can do. I just have to accept D5 doesn’t consider my system good anymore, which is really weird, same scene which was rendered 2 month ago cannot be rendered anymore, how? and apparently 3050 is better than 3070ti.

Did you modify your model during the process?

well, no I did not. it’s just my gpu was done with D5 apparently.

I have upgraded my GPU to 4060 TI 16GB and all my problems are now solved. what I think, some GPUs can handle high memory scenes better, so they reduce speed, and don’t rush, like my RTX3050 at work, it’ll take time, but the result will be ok. in the other hand, some GPUs like my old RTX 3070 Ti, even though more powerful, cannot do this, so, unfortunately they corrupt the render. it’s maybe the manufacturer, it’s maybe the model, we don’t know. but it seems, weaker GPUs know their limits, whereas stronger ones, don’t do well with limitations.

to my fellow D5 Users who suffer this issue, you may not be able to solve this, here are some tips:

  • render at lower resolution. 480 is not good, but 720p is acceptable, then you can use some AI video Enhancers like Topaz or Pixop. the result will be great, even better.
  • render small. don’t render entire clip at once, go shot by shot. and leave some breathing time to your GPU in between.
  • some effects like fog, depth of field, particles, volumetric lights, rain, they’re hefty on Video Memory, you may want to turn them off.
  • turn view statistics on and see how much VRAM you are using, you want to be below 80% to be safe. using low poly models, parallaxes, panoramas, instead of real models can also help.

hope you have fun, stay creative!