Converter for 3d max does not work in 2018 max + Corona 8 hotfix 1

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: 1060 6gb
**Driver Version:**516.94 studio
Issue Description: The problem is that 3d max 2018 (+ Corona 8) just closes when you start converting to 5d format, sometimes giving a fatal error message.
This was the first scene in which I worked with the converter, it was a large scene and I decided that the problem was the size of the scene. Sometimes the conversion was successful (of the same model…) but the frequency of successful conversion was in the ratio 1(success):6(error).

Because of this, I switched to another computer with converter and 3Dmax 21 ( + Corona 8), so I was able to work normally, there were some bugs with 3d max, but the scene converted well.

But here is a different project, it is much smaller and I switched back to a computer with 3d max 2018 (+ Corona 8) and converter and the problem remained, my program just closes …
Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi! 1. Please create a new project in 3ds max, and then use the plugin to synchronize. This step means to check if the causes lay in the synchronization between 3ds max and D5.
2. Please create a simple cube in 3ds max, apply Corona 8 materials to it, and sync to check the results.

If any error messages show up, please send us a screenshot and if the program closes, please keep us updated. Thanks in advance!

Hello, test results:

  1. Synchronization of the new scene - everything is fine.
  2. Export of the cube in the new scene with the material of the Corona in 5d - everything is fine.

I opened a couple of old scenes (which I was working on at the time of reinstalling the plugin) - mostly problems with them.
Synchronization works there, export to sketchup also works. but when exporting to 5d, the scene often (but not always) crashes.

Okay, I’ll try to work with new projects if this problem is repeated - I’ll write.

Okay, please tell us if this issue happens again and a screenshot of the error message would be of great help.