Change axis

Hello, i want to know how to change axis? Is it possible? I want to move object in animation but axis is on different direction and can not get what i want for this. Is there any way?

Can anyone answer?

Can you be more clear? Send maybe a print screen

i have an model where i want to animate object… for more specific, i have a metal rail and want to move TRAM on this rail, but tram axis dont let me to move on rail direction. can i change axis and move it forward?

what about rotating the tram that will feet the rail direction?

Yes, if i did not explain well, then i will upload video what about i am. Anyway thanks.

The current version doesn’t support modifying local axes.
But we knew that it was a very important feature for animators, so this function is in the plan, and we will develop it as soon as possible. :saluting_face:

Hello, you can try this workaround, and for us better understanding your scene file, you can upload a video and show us the problem too.

i rendered this animation again… when i save D5 file and open it again, scene is empty always… also i rendered 2K video and dont plays -_-

after save and open again, there is no loading scene

Hello, sorry to hear that you ran into the problem, from your description, the rendering process seems not finished before D5 Render was closed. Did it crash when you rendering the video?
Please use the auto-save backups to recover this file:

After that, you can try again to see the result.

Hello no it not crashes. I save file and close D5 when i finish work. Everything is normal but i can not open file again. Problem is after update.

Hello, update the file or update D5 Render? Did you mean the file cannot be opened after you upgraded D5 Render to 2.1? What version did you use before that? From the screenshot it seems D5 2.0? sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem.