Car Paint Material changes color

D5 Render Version: 2.7.1
Graphics Card: RTX 4060 Ti
Issue Description: I don’t think this something that happens to everyone, but somehow, some of the Cars I imported using 3ds Max (They have License Plate, why D5 cars don’t have License Plate!?!?) have “Car Paint” template material and somehow, they change color sometimes when I open the scene. Like one time it’s black, next time it’s white, sometimes it goes gray. it’s weird. I don’t know what exactly causes this. it doesn’t happen every time, but sometimes when I’m fixing a render, I notice the change. and it’s not on one car, it’s on all 3 cars I usually use in my models.
also, one time, one of the cars’ materials got corrupted after render. like there were weird small rectangles on them. still. something unexplained. again, only happened once.

it’s just a bug I see in car paint materials. was there at 2.6 too. thought maybe I should report it.

Hi @mj.entrepreneur.hd

Thanks for the reporting.

  • Please tell me your exact D5 version, is it
  • Some car models in D5 Assets Library have License Plates (numberplates), and they support replacement with custom images.
  • There were some bugs with the car paint material template in previous releases, but they should have been fixed. Any supporting images/screenshots/recordings are appreciated. Can you send that weird scene file to for testing on my end? Please attach a link to this post in the email, so I can quickly find you. Cheers.

thank you for your response. it’s actually if there is a new update, why it’s not prompting to update?? weird.

yeah I cannot sadly send the scene, but it’s okay. thank you!

Thanks for the updates. If you didn’t receive a prompt for updates, you can try to reboot or switch your network and then restart D5 to see the results.
You can also download the latest version from our website and do an override installation.

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