Can't log in to my account

**D5 Render Version:**
**Graphics Card:**Nvidia rtx 2060s 8gb
**Driver Version:**Gamre Ready Driver 471.4
**Issue Description:**i can’t log in to my d5 account suddenly
Screenshots/Videos Description:
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi all, need some help ,

i can’t login to my d5 account and always says a wrong email and password !:frowning:

my internet works well

also if i use d5 sometimes my wifi connection is often disconnect and need to reconnect (often happens repeatedly)

does anyone know how to resolve the problem?

thank you


Hello, I saw this kind of error before. Did you use D5 in your company? Most of these kinds of problems are due to IP-block settings in a company. You can check it or consult the IT department of your company. If they need our IP address or port, please let me know.


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Updated: the issue is resolved by resetting the password.

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