Cant download some Assets

Hello guys, i’m having a problem with downloading some assets like trees and characters, but it downloads cars for example. Never had this problem and i am running on a short schedule. Is this a problem on d5 side or something?

Hello youssefpeedro, sorry to hear that you ran into this problem, but there seems no server issue on our side. Therefore, we need more information to help you solve this problem.
First, after you click on those vegetation or character models, what will happen? there is no response, or it just keeps loading?
Second, please reboot your computer and try switching a network, turn off VPN, and so on.
At last, if the problem happens only to this specific scene file, did you replace other models with new assets? If so, please delete them then insert assets from assets library directly.

Hi again, we refreshed the server, and the problem should be fixed now, please try again, thank you~

I have the same problem here in canada. and the problem is there since 3 months ago now is worst, less an d less option of assests to use. I have a short deadline, can you provide a quick solution?

Hi mate, Is your network stable all the while? Does it still happen after restarting or for a long time? Have you tried switching a network or rebooting the router? Sometimes using a VPN to switch a node can work. Also, please turn off the antivirus or firewall and then check the result.

If the problem persists, Can you download the network test file and send the log files to us?

1 file sent via WeTransfer, the simplest way to send your files around the world

How to collect log files:
D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

hi there i cannot download anz of the assets in the library, so it loads them but i cant place any of them in scene. i dont know what is this