Can't add Material to local asset library

when I try to add material to local asset library, it displays “unable to recognize base color texture” thus it won’t add anything to the library.
I asked a friend, and he could add same material to the library with no problem.
what can be causing this?

Can you show me a screenshot of this issue? Are the materials you want to add externally imported, or from the library?

here is a screen shot:

sorry for the low quality.
it’s a material from library. as I’ve mentioned, same material can be saved by my friend, so I know it’s not the material.

but it was Red i-Shaped Tile 02

Thanks for feedback. We will check this issue.

Maybe send your log to us. This may help. This post shows how to collect logs. D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

You can send the log to our email or just share a link here.

Hi LunaLang

I followed the steps on that post, but when I open “Support Tool” in D5 installation folder, it brings up same support tool you get when pressing collect log file and there is no Collect all and zip at once option!

what should I do?

Could you show me a screenshot of this issue? Sometimes the support tool not working properly is related to the network, you can check if your network connection is fine. If you have VPN on, you can also turn off VNP and try to collect logs again. Please update me if these solutions don’t work.