Can’t select scattered object

Hi there currently it isn’t possible to select scattered objects as they don’t appear in the Scene list

I don’t see even scatter option.

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Hey there that may not have been the right term I just mean when you select a grass, or Now you can choose a selection of grasses, and click the paint brush option.

This is not new, it could be done in the old version.

It looks like if you turn the radius meter all the way up, it allows you to scatter on an entire surface of a texture

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Hey there, that is super handy, thanks for pointing it out. Are you able to select the grass once it has been applied?

No problem! I agree, it can be a real time saver. So I think the only way you’re able to select an object is if you place it as a single object. Doesn’t look like you’re able to select objects placed with the paint brush too. At least that’s how it works with mine

Gah I have figured it out finally. It’s a bit of a paradigm change. So painted vegetation doesn’t appear in the scene list it is always ‘live’ so you can erase any vegetation at any time. If you have no vegetation items selected the eraser will erase ALL vegetation but if you have any vegetation items selected in the asset browser it will ONLY erase THOSE items. It works really well. But would be good if the eraser got a bit smaller to erase around smaller object like stepping stones. a ray cast feature to occlude those areas automatically would also be super handy :slight_smile:

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