Can not download Pro content from Assets

Hi guys, Im Pro user /from the Beta times long ago/ and I decicded to download the assets local /nowadays during Xmas holiday…/ bu my problem is that some of the assets I can not download because D5 shows that Im not Pro user…but Im still logged in…

Hi Toman,

Could you please check out if you have using software like Proxy/VPN. If so, please shut down and try again. If not, please zip and send a folder named logs from * Win C: “%local appdata%\d5_immerse\Saved\Logs” to

Thank you

thanks Jessie, problem was generaly my wifi connection tu router…on LAN cable ist everything great…just waiting when D5 team will create assets library to download as a package…nevermind, for now Im going to download one by one

Hi Toman,

Glad to know the issue has solved! Yes we’re developing a new way for assets downloading. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year and have a good holiday.

thanks Jessie, also for care and support…definitely staying tuned…/just bit sad, that my skills arent good as those D5 masters…/ :sleepy: