Camera parameters not saving from scene to scene

**D5 Render Version:2.2
**Graphics Card: GEFORCE GTX1070
Driver Version:
**Issue Description: I have been using d5 render for about a month now and i always use to change the camera parameters from scene to scene, hide objects, change enviroment, etc in an specific scene and show other layers on another scene. Yesterday that changed, i no longer can do it. I thought it was a problem with the file, but i opened a new one with just a tree and the same issue happend, it does not save the specific parameters. I unistalled d5 and re installed it and the same issue happened. I dont know if im doing something wrong PLEASE HELP
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Hello, just make sure this option is not checked (Camera switch only):

Then the problem should be solved, please give it a try.

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THANKS! that was it !

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