Blender fbx

I was modeling on Blender, and trying to export a fbx file and import on D5 render, but even the most simple shape is going wrong, I rendered on Blender and 3dsmax and they’re okay.

this is the shape

this is how its going to blender…

Does anyone know what is happening? Is this a known issue? I looked up and couldnt find anything about it.

Also, since Blender is a OpenSource - I know its not the main thing to worry about - it would be nice to have a exporter directly from Blender to a d5a archive or something like that.

Okay, after a research with a friend, he said that blender is exporting only binary fbx files, and aparently, after a test, D5 render only reads correctly ASCII fbx files… I was wondering now, will it stay like this or will it change, able to read the two formats? Thanks <3