Black D5 lighting icons in sketchup

Some of my D5 lighitng icons in sketchup are black. There is even a difference between icons on components. As per the image attached. The table lamps are components, the left hand lamp has black icons while the right hand lamp has white

Hello orri,
May I ask if this black light logo works properly in D5?
If not,
It is recommended to use the D5 synchronization plugin workflow for placing D5 light sources in SketchUp files. If you want to use the direct reading process (directly import the model/replace the model from a local file), you need to hide all light sources in SketchUp with one click - save the SKP file - and then import the D5 renderer. Otherwise, the light source will become a solid model, and only the model file without light sources will be used for direct reading.


Hi, the black light logo work fine

As long as it works properly, it doesn’t matter, right, my bro

halo,I would like to know the exact steps to reproduce this:
It looks like the lights in the D5 plugin were used. Is there anything else that can be done after placing them in SU? Like mirroring etc.

Hello i am new here i added the lights from sketchup but when i sync at d5 i cant see the lights? why please? Help me.

Can you take a screenshot and take a look? Have these lights been grouped?

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Please show us a screenshot of your issue.