Assets editor slow

Hi there - when I access my assets editor it seems to be slow not as quick as on some video tutorials.
Is this a internet speed issue or can I down load the assets on my desktop to access faster?

Thank you

Hi there! you can download the Offline material package,so that you can use the assets in D5 scene

Thank you for the reply. Sorry for my slow response.

Team - can you kindly please direct me to a link how to download all materials? Under D5 Render Assets I only see Materials, model, My assets.

Hi, you can click the link below to download the assets! Besides,you can find our assets pack link at our official website,so that you can download the newest assets when it updated.

I’ve found the asset menu to be much quicker since the previous update. Good stuff.

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Gary - I agree it is faster then before.

Team D5 - thank you for the download link and reply.

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