Antivirus Detect Virus on D5 render program

Hi D5 Team, i just update my d5 render to 2.4 at first it looked fine, but after a while using my antivirus (im using Kaspersky) it detects a Trojan.Win32.Generic and automatically deletes the d5 render application then I reinstall it again and it detects the same virus again, do I have to deactivate my antivirus when using d5 ?

Screenshot 2023-02-23 230726

this is a screenshot of my antivirus,
Thank you

Hello MrDolphin
Try disabling itself from the antivirus that shouldn’t touch the Win32 Files in the location where it is.
I hope I have helped you :smiling_face: :smiling_face: :smiling_face:

Hi Riccardo, thanks for the answer
ok i have added an exception in my d5 rendering app, hopefully the antivirus doesn’t detect it anymore
Thank you

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Hi mate, did this problem happen to 2.3 or 2.2 in the past?

Hi Oliver, this problem happened in new version 2.4, I used exclusion filter in my kasperksy to my d5 app, and it’s done. but still safe right?

Yeah, our software has no virus if you download it from our official website. We will submit the false positive to the Kaspersky team.

yeah, i download it from the official site, thank you oliver.

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Hi Riccardo, same thing happening again with Kaspersky to the latest version of D5 (

I wonder if you guys have updated the false positive report to Kaspersky?
I downloaded the installer from the official web.
Thank you in advance

Hi, I’m not part of the D5 team, I’m an architect, that is, a colleague. From the experience I have it is from the D5 directives I think if you have downloaded version 2.8 which is a link to their site, you have to close the antivirus for a moment.If you are a user who has already installed version 2.71 automatically with your link it should update to 2.8. Good luck.

Hi Riccardo, thank you so much for the tips.

Hi Oliver, I hope the team has submit the false positive for the latest version of 2.8 that is going to roll out soon.

Same here.