[Announcement] Results of D5 Render x Blender Challenge

Dear community, this is D5 Team! D5 Render x Blender Challenge is now coming to an end, and it is time for us to declare the final results. We would like to thank all of our participants for participating in this challenge. We were truly fascinated by the excellent work that was submitted and are impressed by the creativity and skill displayed by everyone. It was a pleasure to review all of the entries and we are grateful for the time and effort that each participant put into their submissions.

Jury’s Choice Awards

Intel Special Prize

Śūnyatā by JJJ-YS02

1st Prize

SKYLOOP by Shawn, Link, and Aqua

2nd Prize

The Wan’an Ancient Town by GNwork Team

The big bang apartment by Andrew

3rd Prize

Resistance by Gedemis

The ink idyll by JeffLee

Oblivion by Bnkdy6

Community’s Choice Award


House in Nature | @etqan_group

Environment Artworks | @jovjov.arch

:clap: Congratulations to the winners and we will contact you to deliver prizes within one month.

All winners are requested to submit the following materials to prove that the work is original by yourself/ your team:

  1. Submission Deadline: 2023.2.1
  2. Submit to gallery@d5techs.com, email subject: D5 Community Challenge + name + title of the work;
  3. Attach the zip archive to your email, which contains the following content:
  • A number of drafts of various stages in your creating process, including but not limited to conceptual sketches, model making, etc.;
  • Original video without watermark in .mp4/.avi format, with a duration of more than 30 seconds;
  • Blender project files, D5 scene files (the entire folder where the .drs files are located)

Thank you to all the participants, jury, voters, staff, and anyone witnessing this challenge. It’s our honor to witness your talents and creativity. We appreciate your contribution to the D5 community and applaud every entry for this contest. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the coming days.

Keep rendering and we’ll see you next time!

Appendix: Scores of Top 10 Entries in Jury’s Choice Award

Entry Artist(s) Completeness Rendering Techniques Ideas Visual Effects Creativity Total Ranking
Śūnyatā JJJ-YS02 9.08 9.00 8.50 8.75 8.75 44.08 1
SKYLOOP Shawn, Link, and Aqua 7.83 7.33 8.00 7.42 7.92 38.50 2
The Wan’an Ancient Town GNwork Team 7.86 7.50 7.64 7.50 7.93 38.43 3
The big bang apartment Andrew 8.25 7.83 7.17 7.42 7.33 38.00 4
Resistance Gedemisi 7.75 7.33 7.33 7.25 7.00 36.60 5
The ink idyll JeffLee 7.58 6.83 7.58 6.83 7.58 36.42 6
Oblivion Bnkdy6 6.92 6.83 6.92 6.83 6.50 34.00 8
NEW CILIVIZATION 17 KZX-Rudy 6.75 6.92 6.75 6.58 6.58 33.58 8
A Forest Town Guoba 6.33 5.92 6.75 6.25 6.42 31.67 9
Desert Unmanned Area: CALL 66-3 6.00 6.33 6.08 6.42 6.17 31.00 10

*The scores are collected from Jury members by D5 Team.

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