All imported assets are gone

I have been doing a project for the last week and had hundreds of imported assets in my project like chairs, bathroom items etc. i have done some renders yesterday and saved and closed (no crashes etc) and when i opened the project to continue today, all the imported assets are not in the project.

please help me



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Make sure not to move, or rename any folder containing files. (assets, or the model). It is the first thing you should check.


is there anyway to recover the project with all imported assets in place?
thanks in advance

Please check both your winC and the hard disk which installed D5 Render have enough space to save.

Thank you

hello, i have checked and all the assets are in the scene but not visible. however when i right click on an asset in the list and click reload, it reappears. can’t do it for all the assets. so anyway to reload all at once?

The same problem
it happened when the file D5 became over 1 GB
The 3d model existed but it was not in the list of files. Happened to light sources too
I have over 600 GB of free space on my SSD disk

the 3d models imported from files? or those models planted by brush tool in D5?
Happened to light sources too----Could you provide some screenshots? And what’s your version of D5 Render?

What’s your version number?

the 3d models imported from files.
Light sources existed but they were not on the listю. I can not send a screenshot because the project has been deleted
Last version of D5.