AI Enhancer slow


I tried the “AI Anhancer”. It works very well and makes great improvements. Especially when it comes to the people in the visualizations. First, the status bar of the calculation runs from 0% to 100%. That’s still pretty quick. But when it reaches 100%, the image builds up from top to bottom, line by line. And that’s extremely slow. At 4k, it takes at least 30 minutes or more. Is that normal? My graphics card runs at about 50% power.

Maybe you could enhance all the textures of the characters in the library with AI so that they don’t look so artificial? That would certainly be a big help.

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Hello, AI Enhancer lag or slow speed is usually related to the user’s network. You can check your network speed, with a slow network, rendering may be slow. If you feel that the AI Enhancer is too slow, try restarting your router.

Hi LunaLang,

Thank you for your answer. I tested the AI ​​Enhancer in the office today.
The AI ​​image calculation took 5:31 minutes for a 4k image. That’s OK. In the second step, the download took 16:31 minutes. Is the image really just downloaded here? No more AI calculation?
I also tested the network speed. Our connection in the office is not slow. Downloading an image should only take a few seconds.

Thanks for these detail information. I suggest you can send us your logs and we will check why this issue happened.


Saving the image also takes ages for me, despite fibre optics.

Here is my internet connection data:

  • Download: 265 Mbit/s
  • Upload: 45 Mbit/s
  • Latency: 6 ms

Ai Enhancer times at 4K:

  • Calculate image: 18.20 minutes
  • Save: 13.10 minutes
  • Graphics card: RTX 3090
    (Waiting for the RTX 5090 )


I can’t imagine that the time it takes to save an image is due to my internet connection.

Is still beta, hope for improvement when beta is over.


I also did my first test with this feature today, the result was good but took much longer than Krea does for the same service. I think I will wait an update or two before I use it again. It’s an excellent idea and I’m sure it will get much better very quickly based on what I’ve seen of the D5 team so far.

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Hello! Thanks so much for your feedback! This would help us improve the AI enhancer feature.
If it is convenient, I suggest you can send us your log file and tell me the time point you enhance your image.
This post shows how to collect logs. D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM
You can share a link here or send your log to our email. (, please describe the problem and attach the link of this post to your mail)