3ds max model imported out of scale

Hello i have a 3ds max project file created with 1:1 true scaling in millimeters and converted into a .d5a file using the plugin and imported to D5 and the scaling seems to be completely out. when i applied a library material (wood floor) to the floor, the scaling is completely out and even when i drag the uv scaling slider down to 0.01, the texture is still too small. please take a look at this issue. both 3ds max file and converted .d5a file are attached

Thank you

Hi there,

Please try to use the Measure tool in 3ds max to measure the actual dimensions of the project. The conversion should be 1:1.

Let me know if the actual size still doesn’t match.

Thank you

hello, sizes in 3ds max are precise when measured by the measuring tool. is there a way to measure distance in D5 ?

thank you

Hi Shan,

Click on the model, you’ll see the measurement in the model inspector on the right side of the interface. Please check it out


i cannot see such a function. please advise

Thank you

bump. looking forward to a reply