3D people not complete in render sometimes

D5 Render Version: 2.0
Graphics Card: rtx 2080
Driver Version:
Steps to Reproduce (optional): No Idea

3d people is not showing on render sometimes

edit view (before rendering)

rendered image 1800x3600

I already used these people on other projects and they work perfectly fine. here’s more sample

edit view (before render)

rendered image 1800x3600

Hello, can you repro this issue on a specific scene? If yes, please send a sample scene file(the whole folder) to support@d5techs.com
We tried to reproduce this issue but did not succeed. Did you hide some objects for some scenes?
Thanks for reporting this problem, and we will follow up here.

Hi Oliver, thank you for the quick response,
Sorry but I don’t know how to reproduce this issue. Like I said earlier, I already used these models on our other projects and works perfectly fine, I just encountered this on this one project. I’ll send the file now.

Oliver, can I also ask this here before I send, does D5 have any purge option? The files is 4gb right now (compressed). I think the folder still has the data of deleted scenes and imported models which makes the files very heavy and I’m afraid to delete anything inside the folder.

Hello, sorry we cannot delete cache files of this scene. I have sent you a private message and you could upload your file to that google drive folder as well.

We have identified a known issue, and it is not suggested to flip character models in a scene. We will fix the issue in 2.1 and will keep you updated here. Thank you!

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