2 point perspective not saved

For some reason, the 2 point perspective doesn’t get saved on each view.
I create a camera (cam1), make changes to light and environment, change depth of field, change to a 2 point perspective, and UPDATE the camera settings, work on a different camera (cam3 for example), come back to cam 1 and the view is set to perspective and not to 2 point.

Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you for your feedback.
This is a known issue. We’ll fix it in the future updates.

Thanks for the response Jessie.

Jessie just a heads up, there are other settings that don’t always get saved when updating a scene/camera.
Exposure and depth of field sometimes get saved, sometimes doesn’t and sometimes they override those settings for ALL cameras which is a problem of course.

Hope you can fix these bugs for the next version.


Hi Martin,

Yes it’s a known issue, and we’ve already fixed it! Will be released in version 1.5. Thank you very much.