[1.9.0] HDRI blurry in videos

D5 Render Version: 1.9.0296
Graphics Card: GeForce 3090
Driver Version: Nvidia Studio 471.96 DCH
Issue Description:

The problem is very simple. I use HDRI image for sky. On still image sky is sharp. The same sky on video isn’t. Image and video were rendered in 4K without DLSS. I’ve tried to turn fog off, but the result was identical = blurry sky on video. I’ve tried also to use bigger HDRI file. 16K should be enough, but result was similar to previous.

Images / video resolution = 4K
HDRI resolution = 6K

HDRI resolution = 16K

I’ve made one more test - the same HDRI but empty D5 scene and static camera. The result is as above. :frowning:

I’ve also took the regular D5 HDRI - Midday. The sky on the video is still blurry.

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Trying to find some bright hdris. Where do you get yours from? Would prefer to light my scenes with hdri.

I’m not sure if I understand You correctly. Do You suggest to use brighter HDRI file? I don’t suppose this is the problem. Remeber that sky on still images is correct. Brightness of HDRI has nothing to sharpness of HDRI in a final video.

Both HDRI are from Poliigon.
First (6K) - HdrSkySunset010_HDR_6K

Second (16K) - HdrSkySunset008_HDR_16K

It looks like HDRI in video is downsampled to 2K(?). I remember that UE4 had same problem and max resolution for HDRI was 2K.

OK. I’ve found information about it on D5 Facebook Group. :frowning:

Hello, yes, as you found, we will optimize this in 2.0. Currently, when rendering videos, the hdri will be compressed. Although it will still be compressed in 2.0, its resolution will be higher.

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