1.71 Can't log in and stuck at loading screen

Just wondering about couple issues… and how I could resolve it…

  • I don’t seem to be able to log in… it won’t let me to click on log in button… and it doesnt seem to work when try to press entre either… any idea how to make it work?

  • When i try to open a rhino file it got stuck at the loading screen… and wondering how to resolve it…

Thank you!!!

Hi Austin,

About the first issue, please check out and refer to the first one FAQ and Solutions

the second issue, please check out your network connection

Tried… did not work…
still cannot log into the account… not a network connection issue for sure…

There are two folders named “Logs”. Please compress them and send to the staff 2 folders:

  • Win C: “%local appdata%\d5_immerse\Saved\Logs”
  • Installation Directory of D5 Render: “D5 Render\logs”

Please zip and send the files to support@d5techs.com